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Lessons Learned as a Service

A quick Google search for ‘Project Management Failure’ provides over 26.6 million articles!

And there’s plenty of statistics to support the fact that project management, as a discipline, just isn’t good enough:

  • Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects
  • The average cost overrun of all projects is 27%
  • 57% of projects fail due to breakdown in communications
  • 70% of projects fail

Accurate statistics are hard to come by. The trend, however, is plain to see – we’re just not very good at Project management!

An effective Lessons Learned process is often seen as a luxury or ignored altogether. Once the project is completed, the project team wants to move on to the next project. Or if there is a lessons learned process, its run by people close to the project who have a vested interest in painting the project in a positive light.

Using our proprietary methodology, we run the lessons learned process for our clients. Our independence from your organisation is a key benefits, as too is the fact that we’re bringing expertise from seeing projects succeed and fail across multiple organisations, and an array of environments.

As you can see, it is only the first 2 of 6 steps in our process that are focused on lessons learned capture. The remaining stages focus on identifying and embedding improvements.

If you’d like to talk us about how to embed a Lessons Learned process in your organisation, get in touch.

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