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eBook: How to develop your IT Strategy

Written by: Martin J Williams
July 2015
Tagged: IT Strategy

There’s a lack of practical guidance available when it comes to developing your IT Strategy!

Not only that, but stakeholders can prove difficult to engage, and the person(s) for whom you are preparing the strategy for may have a different view as to what a strategy is, or what it should contain.

Authors Lafley and Martin state in their book ‘Playing to Win’:

“Strategy is a relatively young discipline. Until the middle of the last century, much of what people now think of as strategy was categorized simply as management. So it is really no wonder that many organisations struggle to define what a strategy is and how to create a useful one; there is no single, clear and pervasive definition of strategy and even less consensus on how to build one.”

At Camford Management Consultants we have been developing IT related strategies for businesses over many years. During this time we’ve seen the discipline of strategy creation evolve.

The approach that we follow is developed from our own experiences of trying different approaches, techniques and tools. We call it the 5 W’s of IT Strategy Creation and believe it is the best blend of techniques to deliver a strategy in a relatively short period of time.

Our approach differs to what you might find in other IT Strategy development books. We have to apply our approach across different market sectors, business sizes, and cultures. Typically in a short, fixed time frame. This means there’s seldom time to meet all stakeholders, nor is there time to effect a cultural shift to the ways in which the IT team is integrated with the client business. Our approach has to be effective despite all the variables.

Here’s our approach:

5 W of IT Strategy Creation

To help you in developing your IT Strategy without the need to effect a huge cultural shift or change in your business/IT relationship, we are in the process of writing an eBook that provides step-by-step guidance to following our approach. Its written so that you can follow the approach yourself. We expect the eBook to ready over the next 2-3 weeks.

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