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The Consulting Compass

The characteristics and traits of a consultant include problem solving, and rising to difficult challenges. There’s a need to stimulate with fresh challenges and problems to tackle. The concept of repetition is a real turn-off. And that’s the crux of the problem.

To lead a successful consulting business that is scaleable, sustainable, and eventually saleable, requires the creation of a standard set of services. Ideally, those services will have a high percentage of recurring revenue.

But if you’re building your consulting business whilst still being an active consultant, you’re torn between remaining a respected expert in your field, whilst coping with the demands of being an expert marketer, salesperson, recruiter, project manager, team leader, accountant, and business strategist.

Initially you do the right things, focusing on marketing and sales. You win some projects, but then you end up ignoring your marketing and sales as you focus on project delivery. As projects near their end, you pivot your focus back to marketing and sales. But marketing and sales both take time and consistency. The need for cash arises once again. You resort to discounting, chasing clients that are not a good fit, and taking on projects way outside of your comfort zone or capabilities.
You have taken a season pass on what we call the Revenue Roller Coaster!
We’ve taken our decades of experience in building consulting businesses, from one-man bands to global teams, to create a system that ensures you build your professional services firm to be:
Sustainable | Scaleable | Saleable
The system is called the Consulting Compass™, and it focuses on the four pillars of a successful professional services firm. They are: Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Operations. In working through the Consulting Compass you can create the blueprint for your firm’s success.

You can access our coaching in the following ways:

  1. Self-study video coaching – with access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other students
  2. Group Coaching – with weekly group calls, and exercises where your coaching group provides feedback
  3. One-on-One Coaching – providing additional levels of support through the programmes

There are 4 coaching programmes to choose from. You can choose individual courses, or work through the set. Click on the links below to learn more about each course:

  • Marketing Maestro
  • Sales Superhero
  • Delivery Dynamo
  • Operations Oracle