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The Consulting Compass

I’ve always had a great relationship with my clients. And I’ve loved consulting since my first day in the job. But I hated being managed, and quite frankly I was difficult to manage. So I decided to take out the one thing that wasn’t working for me – having a boss. I set out to build my own consulting practice.

What I didn’t know was that leading a successful consulting practice and being a successful consultant were two very different things.

I didn’t really know that much about running a real business. I’d been a contractor before, but that’s not really running a business. And I had no appreciation of just how much time and effort needs to be spent on marketing. In fact, up until when I ran my own business I didn’t even know that marketing led to sales! Sounds dumb to say that now.

But the biggest problem with running your own consultancy is what I call the Revenue Rollercoaster. It’s the unpredictability in revenue (that’s money, or more importantly, cash!) that kills you.

Being well aware that I don’t know everything, I invested in coaching and training courses from the start. Yet after investing tens of thousands, all of that time and money seemed to be wasted. Why did no-one understand what it takes to sell high-value consulting services to medium to large corporates?

These aren’t clients that are going to buy your $99 low cost product in order that you can elevate up your value ladder to a $3,997 product. These are clients that you’re aiming to sell consulting services with a minimum fee of at least $5,000. And they might be people you’ve never even met before. The is much harder. The risks are much greater. But the upsides are so worth it.

I’d built multiple multi-million dollar teams when I was an employed consultant and Practice Director. I knew how to deliver and make a profit. I knew how to sell. What was missing was a system. So I gave up searching, and instead started creating. I developed what I call the Consulting Compass™.

It’s a system for consulting businesses, applicable from solo firms through to firms of hundreds, and that aims to ensure the consulting business is:

Sustainable | Scaleable | Saleable

The Consulting Compass™ focuses on the 4 pillars to a successful consulting business. They are: Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Operations. In working through the Consulting Compass you can create the blueprint for your firm’s success.

We provide coaching in the Consulting Compass™ through the following methods:

  1. Self-study video coaching – with access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with other students
  2. Group Coaching – with weekly group calls, and exercises working in collaboration with your coaching group
  3. One-on-One Coaching – providing additional levels of support through the programmes

There’s a course for each of the 4 pillars as follows:

Marketing Maestro

Your number 1 marketing mission is to generate leads. You do this by getting known, becoming liked, and being trusted such that you are top of mind to your prospects.

  • Learn how to identify your ideal clients and understand their core Problems.

  • Determine how to create Products and Services that will gain the attention of your target clients.
  • And decide which marketing channels to Promote your business through to get the fastest results in the least time.

Sales Superhero

Your marketing leads need nurturing to become sales opportunities. But there’s no point getting a sales opportunity and blowing it with a poor proposal or presentation. Even worse is making a sale that doesn’t end up in you making a profit!

  • Learn how to build your sales Pipeline and how to nurture your leads into clients.
  • Develop the skills to craft winning Proposals and Presentations.
  • And understand how to Price and structure your commercial offerings so that you make a profit!

Delivery Dynamo

Why doesn’t anyone focus on what happens after the sale! If you can’t get your delivery right, you’ll need a lot of new clients, and the chances are it won’t be profitable. My longest standing client is currently 12 years! You can only achieve this through high quality delivery. And your greatest sales opportunities are with your existing clients.

  • Learn techniques to develop delivery Process and Methodology that means you can scale your business profitably.
  • Decide who which People and Partners you’ll leverage to deliver your Products and Services.
  • And know how to Please the Client to ensure long-term success of your client relationship.

Operations Oracle

It’s all well and good being able to market yourself, generate sales, and deliver some projects. But how many people have been doing that for some time without being able to scale, and without being able to turn a profit! And can you sustain your business in the long-run? Does it give you a sense of purpose that means you can live with it every day for the next 5, 15, or 50 years!?

  • Learn what matters to your business Performance.
  • Develop your business with growth in mind, and a Practice Structure that ensure immediate profit and long-term development potential
  • And identify your Purpose – the thing that will keep you coming back fro more day after day after day