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How to make millions without a degree and how to get by even if you have one

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September 2014
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Simon Dolan is a multi-millionaire and features on the Sunday Times Rich List. He is the founder and sole owner of SJD Accountancy. If you’ve ever been an IT contractor you will have heard of SJD.

The premise of the book, as it’s title clearly states, is How To Make Millions Without A Degree: And How to Get by Even If You Have One. The book is partly autobiographical, and in it Dolan provides advice to business owners and those considering starting their own business instead of going to University.

However, I think the title is a bit of a shame as this book is so much more than describing an alternative to getting a degree. Dolan provides some of the most practical, straightforward business advice I have ever read in a business book. He has a no-nonsense way of talking that enables him to get to the point fast. The thing I like most about his business advice is that it dispels many of the myths of running a business, particularly in respect to marketing. There’s no hype, simply someone speaking from real-world experience.

Something this book does that no other business book I’ve read has done yet, is that it acknowledges that building a successful business takes time. Often a lot of time.

Favourite quotes from the book:

“Self-belief is an entrepreneurs most precious commodity. It’s way more important than capital. Get it and keep it. Nurture and protect it fiercely.”

“Resilience. You need this. It’s not the same as self-belief. It’s less profound than self-belief, but it’s just as important,. It is the technical understanding, based on training and experience, that you’re going to get a lot more people saying ‘no’ than ‘yes’, and that it isn’t you they are rejecting.”


If you run a startup business, or an established business that needs further guidance in this fast changing business world, then I recommend you read this book. It doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not – although if you do, don’t expect much praise for having it!

Buy a copy of the book vy clicking on the link below.

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