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  • What’s happening in Service Management in 2016?

    November 2015

    Reading time: 4 minutes Service Management is nothing new in the world of IT, however, I’ve rarely seen a well implemented service management/ITIL environment. Much like the mis-application of project management methodologies, Service Management is often misunderstood and deployed in an over-bureaucratic way. In the past this was often made worse by the so called Service Management Experts of 5-10 years ago. Sometimes I felt they’d invested so much personal time and effort to become highly certified, that they’d become fixated on doing things in a rigid ITIL only way. To find out where the world of Service Management is heading into 2016, I spoke with Steve Morgan of Syniad IT. A foremost expert in service management, and most recently focusing on SIAM, or Service Integration and Management, I asked Steve how Service Management has matured over the past 5 years, especially with the growth of tools such as Service…

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  • The role of the IT Leader – Are you developing enough business savvy?

    October 2015

    Reading time: 9 minutes The world of IT is never static, and the role of the IT Leader is one of the most challenging in any organisation. Often the CIO is under attack for not having enough business savvy, whilst at the same time being under the cosh for poor IT performance. A key challenge for today’s IT Leader is the shift towards cloud-based and SaaS applications and services. This is leading a shift away from the traditional ‘Big Bang’ projects of the past. I spoke with business psychologist Steve Gilbert to get his views on how IT leaders are adapting to this new world. But first some background on Steve. Not only is he a business psychologist, with a BSc(Hons) in Psychology, and an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, but he also has RQTU and EFPA in psychometrics. Through CPD he focuses on Organisation Development, Leadership, and…

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  • Why project management certifications are a waste of time

    September 2015

    Reading time: 14 minutes I’ve been delivering projects and programmes for over 20 years. During that time, I’ve interviewed countless numbers of people for project management positions. Despite the hundreds of people I’ve interviewed who professed to have Prince2 qualifications, I’ve never met anyone who could tell me what the ethos of Prince2 is (and if you think its ‘Project in Controlled Environments’ you don’t know the answer either!). In this article I’m going to explain why project management certifications can be a waste of time and money, and what you can do about it, whether you’re looking to get certified or whether you run a project management function. And I might even explain to you what the ethos of Prince2 is. Before I go any further, I should declare that I do have project management certifications. These include CompTIA: IT Project+ (that takes me back a long way!), Prince2…

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  • 5 critical things you must do to make CRM effective in your business

    August 2015

    Reading time: 7 minutes CRM – Customer Relationship Management – you know what it is right? But why do you need a CRM? Do professional services firms typically use CRM, and if they do, is it better to have a sector specific CRM, or will any old CRM do? Should you use a cloud-based CRM, or have an on-premise one? Regardless of how it’s delivered, what if you need to change your CRM – how do you go about doing that? To get answers to these questions, and more, I spoke with Don Wiid of Contact Edge CRM. Don is an expert in Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM. He has spent over 10 years working with CRM systems, and has written add-on programmes that have sold around the world.  His expertise as a business analyst and software developer has seen Don design and implement CRM strategies that have…

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  • 3 Big Ideas to Improve Your IT Strategy

    May 2015

    Reading time: 4 minutes I recently presented at a Microsoft conference on the topic of developing your IT Strategy. This is a challenge that many IT Leaders face, yet there is surprisingly little guidance available. To aid you we will shortly be releasing our IT Strategy Toolkit which provides the methodology that we created and follow ourselves, along with various tools, templates, and guidance. We’ve also included notes from the field that detail our own experience and the things to watch out for. Whilst I was presenting at the Microsoft/Lawnet seminar I put forward 3 Big Ideas to improve your IT Strategy. These are: Remove Innovation Spend from the IT Budget Immerse IT in the Business Engage the IT Team with the firm’s clients Let’s take a look at each in turn to explore where they can have a major impact on the value of your IT Strategy. 1. Remove…

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  • The cloud explained – for business leaders

    April 2015

    Reading time: 6 minutes Cloud technologies have been around for some years now. We all use them, whether we realise it or not. LinkedIn is a cloud based application, as too are most other social media apps. Skype is a cloud app. And Microsoft Office365 is a cloud-based offering of the Microsoft Office suite. But what does it mean when something is in the cloud? And what can we get from the cloud? Understanding how technologies work together To understand the cloud we must first understand how different technologies work together to provide the applications that we use. At Camford Management Consultants we use what we call the Layered Framework, as shown below. The framework represents the stack of technologies in a logical order. At the top level of the technology stack are the business activities. Whilst not a technology, the business activities are the only reason why you have…

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