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  • Legal IT Roundtable – A Consultant’s Perspective

    August 2015

    I read a very good article this week in Law Gazette. Journalist Joanna Goodman reported on the Law Gazette’s recent Legal IT Roundtable. There didn’t appear to be representation or comment in the article from a technology consultant, so as a provider into the legal sector I wanted to fill the gap and provide that viewpoint. Goodman’s article is wide-ranging, covering: matter management, cloud services, business continuity, and innovation and agility. The audience was a good spread from small to large firms. I’ve provided extracts from the article below and provided responses (although I highly recommend your read the original article too). Feel free to provide your own views in the comments section below the article. General Views on Technology Value Some early comments in the article say: While for some smaller and niche firms IT has levelled the playing field, helping them grow their businesses and extend their market reach,…

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  • 5 critical things you must do to make CRM effective in your business

    August 2015

    Reading time: 7 minutes CRM – Customer Relationship Management – you know what it is right? But why do you need a CRM? Do professional services firms typically use CRM, and if they do, is it better to have a sector specific CRM, or will any old CRM do? Should you use a cloud-based CRM, or have an on-premise one? Regardless of how it’s delivered, what if you need to change your CRM – how do you go about doing that? To get answers to these questions, and more, I spoke with Don Wiid of Contact Edge CRM. Don is an expert in Customer Relationship Management, better known as CRM. He has spent over 10 years working with CRM systems, and has written add-on programmes that have sold around the world.  His expertise as a business analyst and software developer has seen Don design and implement CRM strategies that have…

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  • Camford presents on IT Strategy at Microsoft/Lawnet Event

    June 2015

    We presented on the 17th June 2015 to a Lawnet audience at the Microsoft campus in Reading. The topic of the presentation was ‘How to develop your IT Strategy’ where we showed a simple 5 step process that we call The 5 W’s The topics covered were: IT Strategy challenges Legal landscape Why have an IT Strategy IT Strategy survey Approach to defining your IT Strategy 3 big ideas If you weren’t able to attend the event, or did and would like an electronic copy of the presentation, click the link here:

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  • 3 Big Ideas to Improve Your IT Strategy

    May 2015

    Reading time: 4 minutes I recently presented at a Microsoft conference on the topic of developing your IT Strategy. This is a challenge that many IT Leaders face, yet there is surprisingly little guidance available. To aid you we will shortly be releasing our IT Strategy Toolkit which provides the methodology that we created and follow ourselves, along with various tools, templates, and guidance. We’ve also included notes from the field that detail our own experience and the things to watch out for. Whilst I was presenting at the Microsoft/Lawnet seminar I put forward 3 Big Ideas to improve your IT Strategy. These are: Remove Innovation Spend from the IT Budget Immerse IT in the Business Engage the IT Team with the firm’s clients Let’s take a look at each in turn to explore where they can have a major impact on the value of your IT Strategy. 1. Remove…

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  • The cloud explained – for business leaders

    April 2015

    Reading time: 6 minutes Cloud technologies have been around for some years now. We all use them, whether we realise it or not. LinkedIn is a cloud based application, as too are most other social media apps. Skype is a cloud app. And Microsoft Office365 is a cloud-based offering of the Microsoft Office suite. But what does it mean when something is in the cloud? And what can we get from the cloud? Understanding how technologies work together To understand the cloud we must first understand how different technologies work together to provide the applications that we use. At Camford Management Consultants we use what we call the Layered Framework, as shown below. The framework represents the stack of technologies in a logical order. At the top level of the technology stack are the business activities. Whilst not a technology, the business activities are the only reason why you have…

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  • Are Lawyers Afraid of Technology?

    February 2015

    Reading time: 3 minutes Calls for the government to implement a system of on-line dispute resolution surfaced this week. The concept is for ‘facilitators’ to work with litigants to prevent disputes going any further, with judges ruling on-line for cases that cannot be settled. The aim is to reduce litigation costs for low value claims. Of interest was not so much the article itself (posted on the Law Gazette – ‘Online courts will cut need for lawyers – IT guru), but the negative responses it received. Granted, this was not helped by the title of the article, and the term ‘guru’ hints at a certain arrogance. However, comments after the article included: “Why does every technological advancement have to ELIMINATE solicitors? Can’t it just make our jobs and the process easier?” “With the increase in automation and AI only some 10 years away, who will be litigating? Having a job will…

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  • How you can benefit from not having an IT Strategy

    December 2014

    Reading time: 4 minutes If you don’t have an IT Strategy you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Just don’t expect to be in a winning organisation. In over a decade of helping organisations to develop their IT Strategy, the one thing has been conspicuously absent is… an existing IT Strategy! This begs the question: Do you even need an IT Strategy? First let’s look at what I consider the top 5 reasons that drove those organisations I’ve helped to need an IT Strategy: Responding to a specific business challenge i.e. a risk, a market shift, regulatory change, increased competition A change in the leadership team that prompted a review of IT Relocation to new offices – opening up budget and providing an opportune time to review IT Technology constraints – either physical, such as running out of data centre capacity, or vendor driven, such as…

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  • Can you build a winning team without creating a sense of purpose?

    August 2014

    We’ve been working with a client recently to review one of their IT teams, and to help design an organisational structure that ensures success. One of the main challenges has been the importance that the client attributes to the team’s organisational structure. There is a strong view within the client that the best way to make a successful team is to come up with a winning structure first. That’s a bit like saying, “Get me the best sports team”, without identifying which sport you’re playing! Not only do we need to determine the game, but also the rules. If we want to play Rugby, is it the RFL or the RFU? And what’s our vision? Do we want to win the Challenge Cup, or can we only afford players that might mean we set our sights somewhat lower? Diving headlong into an org chart is a common mistake. This may…

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