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Our Values

What makes a Camford Management Consultant?

There are 5 Values that make a Camford Management Consultant. Collectively these values ensure an ethos of continuous improvement, with the client at the centre of all we do.


Every member of the Camford team, regardless of job role, sets objectives against each value and is rewarded on their performance as an individual, as a team member, on client feedback, and on general company performance.


We are passionate about life-long learning, both personally and professionally. Each team member is asked to consider how he or she will build their personal value throughout the year. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, including project experience, formal training, seminar and exhibition attendance, etc. The purpose is to be armed with the latest knowledge of tools, techniques, industries and technologies to provide maximum value to our clients and fellow team members.


We’re not looking for prima donnas as there’s little point having lots of personal value if you can’t share it. Our consultants are focused on demonstrating where and how they can increase the value of their colleagues and clients.


We may have the best team in the industry, but if we don’t get out there and deliver that expertise it’s of no value to anyone! Amongst other methods we utilise client feedback questionnaires to continually gauge the performance of our teams. Clients can see how we’re doing as the feedback is openly published on our website.


If our skilled team members are sharing their skills and knowledge with colleagues, and collectively delivering that expertise to our clients, the company value grows through repeat business, and a strong brand to attract new clients. Team members build company value through active industry engagement such as public speaking, publication of whitepapers and articles in industry press, and active membership of professional bodies.


In ensuring the foundational 4 values are successfully and continuously developed, the organisation is in a position to give back – to share value. This is first demonstrated through staff remuneration, rewards and benefits. We also build company value outside of the firm through our work in the community, more of which can be read about on our blog.