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Achieving your business goals

Just another management consultancy? We don’t think so.

We make ourselves unique in the following ways:

  1. Fixed fees: We only sell our services on a fixed fee basis. This means we have to work together to define a clear scope of engagement in response to answering a clear business challenge or achieving a clear business goal. This limits the risk of scope creep, and ensures we are both focused on getting the job done.
  2. Working collaboratively: We expect to work together. We might do the lions share of the work, but it’s on your behalf to help achieve your goals. We expect to have time together to share ideas, review information, provide feedback, etc. We do this through establishing regular review meetings and engagement as appropriate.
  3. Small teams: We’re not big enough to work a ‘Land and Expand’ approach. If our assignments go beyond our capabilities we will either scale our team through strategic partners and associates, or limit our engagement scope. We’d rather work on small defined engagements than end up with a bigger team than your own!
  4. Follow up: We want you to be successful, and we want to be successful too. Often times, once the initial euphoria of receiving a consultancy report subsides, normality returns and progress grinds to a halt. To avoid this, and to overcome inertia, we always provide follow-up sessions with our engagements. The exact number and frequency depends on the assignment, but the aim is to make sure you can keep moving forwards.
  5. Get to the point: Our job is to move your problem, challenge or goal forward. Sometimes this is best done in a succinct report. Sometimes a presentation to senior stakeholders is all that is required. We’re not in the business of providing you with shelf ornaments! That said, if we provide our blood, sweat and toil to create you a report, we want it to be read! And its only going to be read if it is succinct, gets to the point, and offers clear and immediate value.